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Max Co. Inc is a property management firm specializing in shopping center
management. Serving clients since 1979 .
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we provide focused, competitive grocery center management tailored to our client’s property needs.
Shopping Center Leasing
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Comprehensive Shopping Center Management Solutions
Your shopping center hosts multiple stores offering diverse products and services. Groceries, clothes, jewelry, electronics, footwear, name it!
With all this under the same roof, management can be extremely difficult, especially with no professional help.
Max Co. Inc provides exceptional shopping center management designed to offer your tenants an atmosphere to keep them happy.
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Other Shopping Center Management Services

Whatever your grocery center management needs are, we’ll provide a customized plan specially for your property.
Rent Collection
Tenant Communication
Repairs & Construction Communication
Lease Terminations
Property Showing & Preparation
At Max Co. Inc, We Give Our All To Ensure That Your Shopping Center Gets Leases Fast .
Multiple Stores
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Hands-On Approach

When you hire Max Co. Inc, our dedicated team will ensure smooth transitions from the lease signing to the grand opening. And thanks to our customer-friendly portals, you’ll conveniently track all transactions, account balances, and rent payments.

Customized Property Management

We meticulously maintain every property in our care so we can create a safer, more appealing environment for businesses.

24/7 Support

Our shopping center management team is on call 24/7 to handle any concerns. Whether you need clarification or to issue new directions, we are available to help any time, day or night.
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